Transformer Edition Nokia N93i Could Be For Real

Transformer Edition Nokia N93i Could Be For Real


No, you’re not going to get a cell phone that magically transforms into a ballistic Decepticon, but Nokia is said to be working on a Nokia N93i Transformers Edition that will come pre-loaded with a bunch of Transformers-themed goodies like some background images, ringtones, and some sort of Transformers video game.

If we’re lucky, the Transformers Edition Nokia N93i will also boast some sort of special markings on the outside to differentiate it from garden variety N93i handsets, because all of the innards will be precisely identical to the original. This is still in the rumor stages, but given the intense product placement found in the recent summer blockbuster, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. The rumored release date is sometime in Q3 2007.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the transforming cell phone scene from the movie looks like Russian, here’s the clip.