Slimmer Sony PSP Could Be Significantly Cheaper

Slimmer Sony PSP Could Be Significantly Cheaper


I’m sure most of you are aware of the lighter and slimmer PSP that was announced at E3 last week. At the time, we only heard about a couple of “Entertainment Packs” that would bundle in a game or some other UMDs to complete the $200 package. Apparently, you may soon be able to get a brand spanking new PSP for even less than that.

The skinnier and lighter PSP will reportedly hit stores in Japan in September with an estimated street price of 19,800 Yen, which works out to about US$162. That’s a solid $38 cheaper than the $200 bundles, but it’s hard to say what else would be included (or removed) from the package. This represents a 5% drop from the current price.

Yes, the new PSP will still be more expensive than the Nintendo DS Lite, but it’s got a lot more functionality going on, especially now that it can grab 1Seg Digital TV signals.