Samsung SCH-B750 Cell Phone Pushes User Created Content

Samsung SCH-B750 Cell Phone Pushes User Created Content


Web 2.0 isn’t coming. It’s already here. And now it’s storming the world of the mobile phones in the form of the Samsung SCH-B750 swiveling clamshell. Taking on a form factor vaguely reminiscent of the Nokia N93, the Samsung B750 comes equipped with a beefy 3MP digital camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in DMB receiver, not to mention that 2.2-inch display that can rotate around to provide a “how do you do” kind of orientation.

Rounding out the featres are things like the ubiquitous integrated media player — tackling both audio and video — as well as TV-out and microSD expansion. Samsung seriously has all the basics covered with this multimedia-geared handset, but there’s no mention of built-in WiFi or 3G connectivity, so you might not want to be uploading your random videos to YouTube just yet.

And no, the cute girl does not come with the phone.