Announced: OtterBox for iPhone Lets Apple Get Rugged

Announced: OtterBox for iPhone Lets Apple Get Rugged


This one is hot off the presses folks! After being “bombarded by requests for a case,” OtterBox is working on a case for the iPhone that will sport a “slick, slim fit, semi-rugged” design that allows for complete user interaction. As you have seen in the past, OtterBox cases are built pretty tough, allowing for all sorts of protection from dust, shock, and water.

Known internally as the OtterBox 1940, the OtterBox for iPhone will obviously have a huge opening in the front so that you can can still enjoy that multi-touch interface, so you’ve got to wonder how this case will protect that luscious display from the elements. But check out that window in the back so that everyone can see your love for Cupertino!

Anyways, here are the deets:

* Accommodates both 4 GB and 8 GB Apple iPhones
* 3 Layers of Protection – The phone in its entirety is protected even during use as all surfaces are covered at all times
* Touch interface is completely protected while still being fully useable through a patented touch-screen membrane
* Sleep/Wake, volume and home buttons are all protected and useable via pass through buttons
* Sync/Charge, headphone and silence functions are all usable through plugs
* Case includes a swivel belt clip that provides full impact protection for the screen

The initial renderings are shown below, but it should be noted that the OtterBox for iPhone is “still several months out.”