Activate Your iPhone Using a Prepaid SIM Kit

Activate Your iPhone Using a Prepaid SIM Kit


The options keep getting better for potential iPhone owners. At first, it seemed like you’d be restricted to AT&T’s special iPhone plans. Then, it was revealed that you could opt for a data-less plan and save yourself twenty bucks a month. Now, you can take the savings even further, because a work-around has been found that lets you “unlock” your iPhone for use with a prepaid card. No monthly plan needed.

This hack — tutorial here — allows you to use a SIM from any other Cingular/AT&T phone on your iPhone. This isn’t limited to just prepaid cards, as just about any Cingular/AT&T SIM card should work if you follow the directions correctly.

The process isn’t exactly straightforward, but it speaks toward the unlockability of Apple’s first cell phone. If you’re not into getting unlimited data, this also works with AT&T’s per kilobyte data: “It cost $0.11 to load Google’s home page.”

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