Sony PSP Gets Digital TV: Details and Photos Inside

Sony PSP Gets Digital TV: Details and Photos Inside


Sony is clearly telling us that the PlayStation line isn’t just about video games. Take a look at the PS3, for example. That glossy black wonder is being marketed as a Blu-ray player just as much as it is the home of Resistance: Fall of Man. The same can be said about the portable side of things. The newly revealed Sony PSP-S310 will add Digital TV to the mix, effectively stretching the PlayStation Portable platform into whole new territory.

The TV tuner accessory plugs into the USB port at the top of the PSP and it requires a Memory Stick Duo in order for it to work. Naturally, the antenna should be fully extended to ensure the best reception. It’ll grab TV shows, but it is not yet ready to do any sort of recording (DVR) nor can it acquire an electronic programming guide.

The unit measures 55 x 31.8 x 14.2mm and weighs 17 grams.