Sony NW-E010 Series DAPs Get Blinged Out

Sony NW-E010 Series DAPs Get Blinged Out


Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not necessarily a girl’s best friend. Instead, they could very well be the jewel-encrusted variants of the Sony NW-010 series MP3 players. The originator of the Walkman namesake has apparently teamed up with Abiste — a Japanese jewelry maker — to create these totally blinged out musical pieces.

The exterior casing was already pretty shiny to start with, but by adding those grill-worthy gems onto the USB cap, Sony has taken the NW-E010 DAP to a whole new level of eye candy. Don’t expect an equally premium level of functionality though.

Prices for the 1GB and 4GB blinged-out music players have been set at $129 and $203, respectively. Clearly, you’re paying for the bling and not so much for the sing.