Sony NSC-GC1 Digital Camcorder for YouTubers

Sony NSC-GC1 Digital Camcorder for YouTubers


Ah, social networking. It seems like everyone is doing it these days, posting up their pictures and thoughts on MySpace and uploading countless dumb videos on YouTube. Catering specifically to this YouTube-loving market, Sony has just revealed the NSC-GC1 “net sharing” camcorder.

Boasting a fairly compact form factor and a glossy black exterior, the NSC-GC1 can ramp its resolution down to QVGA and record videos at 15fps (for ease of uploading) or ramp it up to DVD quality VGA at 30fps (for watching on your television). It’ll also do still pictures at a respectable five megapixels. Videos and photos get stored on Memory Stick Duo memory cards, whereas the previewing gets done 2.4-inch color LCD.

There are, of course, several things missing from the package. For starters, there is no optical zoom (just 4x digital zoom) and you shouldn’t expect too much in terms of customization. On the plus side, it’s only $200. Pre-orders are being taken now with shipments expected to commence in September.