IOCELL Puts Your Computer on a USB Stick

IOCELL Puts Your Computer on a USB Stick


And you thought your UMPC was pretty compact. IOCELL has taken miniaturization to a whole new level with the announcement of the Castella line. The Castella T and the Castella S are being marketed as the world’s first USB computers, but upon further inspection, you’ll find that they’re being a little too boastful.

According to IOCELL, the Castella “is the platform which makes the mp3 players, USB flash drives or any other mobile device with the flash memory work as a second computer when they are plugged into any pc.” Sound familiar? That’s because this is fundamentally identical to the U3 system that lets you load custom applications (and settings) on your flash drive and bring them with you anywhere, effectively transforming any PC into your home computer.

Utilizing Chip On Board manufacturing, the Castella device line from IOCELL is currently available with capacities ranging from 1GB to 4GB. No word on price.