Enshrine Your iPod with this Totally Tubular Dock

Enshrine Your iPod with this Totally Tubular Dock


I don’t know what it is about people and their infatuation with tube amps, but the circular trend is coming at us again with the Shanling MC-30 Music Center. And yes, it’s got an iPod dock for all those Apple fans in the audience.

In addition to supporting the ubiquitous music and video player, the Shanling MC-30 also offers love for AM/FM radio and regular old CDs, all through its high fidelity goodness. The tube power amplifier is single-ended and pumps out about 3 watts of power per channel. Not a lot of umph, but as you can see, this isn’t exactly the biggest stereo in the yard either.

It is quite the looker, though, with its brushed aluminum finish, LED highlights, and uniquely tubular design. The price will probably be the biggest hurdle to overcome: $1,000.