Take a USB-Powered Chill Pill, Literally

Take a USB-Powered Chill Pill, Literally


In my ongoing quest to beat the heat in the summer, I have tried several different strategies. I’ve done the usual stuff like sticking my head in the fridge, as well as less conventional things like gulping down a cup of piping hot tea. But being the technological geek that I am, I’m more inclined to turn to some sort of gizmo to help me stay cool. Especially if it’s ridiculously compact and portable.

There have been other USB fans developed before, but none of them — to my knowledge — have ever been made in such a way that they could be rolled up into the size of a small capsule. All the fan blades get encapsulated with this particular design, making for a smooth exterior, and thus, you can carry this around in your pocket or bag without a hitch.

When it comes time to cool down, you simply whip it out, unravel the necessary USB cable and such, and then you can be as breezy as you want to be.