Cooler Master NotePal Infinite for Extreme Laptop Cooling

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite for Extreme Laptop Cooling


I’ve been playing with a couple of different laptop cooling pads from LapWorks this last little while and I can certainly appreciate their ability to keep temperatures lower (and hence operation optimized), as well as their ability to raise my laptop to a more comfortable angle both in terms of the height of the screen and the angle of the keyboard.

Both of the solutions that I have been using, however, are non-powered and rely more on the dissipation of heat through the use of vents and materials than through any sort of mechanical operation. The newly announced NotePal Infinite from Cooler Master is different, because it seems to have a built-in fan with adjustable speeds. At the back, there is a simple switch for you to choose between low, medium, and high.

Furthermore, they’ve implemented some sort of “special design” that creates for excellent airflow. Covered with a metal mesh finish and four strips of rubber on the top, you can have some assurance that your laptop won’t go slip-sliding away. On the downside, there is no adjustable angle, being set at 8.5 degrees.

All in all, Cooler Master claims that the NotePal Infinite — compatible with most 12- to 17-inch notebooks — will improve airflow by 150% and cool your laptop by up to 17 degrees. No word on pricing.