Apple iPhone Plans with No Mobile Data on the Way

Apple iPhone Plans with No Mobile Data on the Way


At time of launch, you only had the option of picking up one of the specially-designed iPhone plans for your newly acquired Apple cell phone. Following through on their original promise, AT&T will reportedly start to offer non-iPhone plans to iPhone users. Basically, you forfeit the right to unlimited mobile data in exchange for more minutes and all that jazz.

Oh, and there are a few more sacrifices that will have to be made if you want to opt out of a “conventional” iPhone plan. You lose Visual Voicemail and you also lose the “free” 200 SMS messages that come with the cheapest iPhone plan. For giving up all that goodness, you save yourself about 20 bucks a month.

The cheapest of the cheap plans will still run you $39.99 a month, but you get 450 anytime minutes across the country, as well as 5000 minutes for evenings and weekends. Then again, why get an iPhone if you’re not going to exploit all the extra perks that come along with being an iPhone user?