It’s Like a Tablet PC, But With Regular Paper

It’s Like a Tablet PC, But With Regular Paper


In this electronic day and age, terminology can get a little muddled because when I say “mouse”, do I mean the pointing device we use with our computers or that little rascal has chewed a hole in your wall? I had a similar reaction to this newest product from Asteco. The DigiMemo A402 is an electronic notebook that actually uses regular old paper, but interestingly, it can record everything that you write or draw on that paper.

They say that this is achieved using electronic magnetic technology, but I’m still not completely sure on how the process works. Then again, I’m not exactly all too sure about a lot of things.

In any case, the Asteco DigiMemo A402 will recognize and store the things you write and it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC to do it. It’ll just stash those jotted notes and random scribblings on its 32MB of built-in flash memory. That may not sound like a lot of storage space, but they say that it’s enough for up to 999 pages. There’s also expansion via SD cards.

Current retail price is 242,000 KRW or about US$264.