Store Your Snapsots with the Canon M80 Photo Bank

Store Your Snapsots with the Canon M80 Photo Bank


The front of the Canon M80 looks a lot like the back of a regular Canon camera. That’s because the M80 is very much like a digital camera, except it has no picture-taking capabilities whatsoever. That’s because the Canon M80 is designed to be a photo bank, much like the P-3000 launched by the team at Epson.

This media storage device comes equipped with a formidable 80GB hard drive, a 3.7-inch VGA display, and the ability to accept all sorts of memory cards, including SD, SDHC, MMC, CF, and MicroDrive. The display is quite nice with its 280cd/m2 of brightness, and in addition to showing off your photographic genius, it’s also good for playing MP3 music and MPEG-2/4 videos.

All of the critical EXIF information from your digital photographs can also be shown at any time. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything regarding pricing or availability.