Samsung Unveils Three Hot New Camcorders in New York

Samsung Unveils Three Hot New Camcorders in New York


As we suffer through a blistering heat wave, Samsung is keeping the temperature through the roof with a trio of video-capturing goodies. They’re shiny, they’re powerful, and one of them is doing high definition in style.

The SC-HMX10 is the flagship model with its 8GB of built-in flash memory, SD/SDHC memory expansion, and high definition video capabilities. With all that HDTV in tow, it only comes natural that this camcorder also has a HDMI output. Rounding out the features are 10x optical zoom, touchpanel LCD, and electronic image stabilization. Look for it this September for $799.

The Samsung SC-MX10 lacks the high definition dance of its cousin, but it was designed more so as a “YouTube” camcorder. VGA video gets stored on an SD memory card, making uploads to your computer (and the net) a breeze. The swivel grip is handy, but it’s the 34x optical zoom that’ll wow you. Better still, it’s half the price of the SC-HMX10: $399, August.

If you’re more in a hybrid kind of mood, the Samsung SC-DX10 might be for you. There are three places for you to record your video: a blank DVD-R, the 4GB of internal flash memory, or the SD/SDHC expansion slot. It’s got a touchpanel, swivel grip, and iCheck too. The SC-DX10 will sell for $549 when it launches in September.