New iPod, New iPhone In the Works

New iPod, New iPhone In the Works


Are you ready for a whole wallop of Apple rumors? Well get out your biggest spoon, because this latest round is going to make for a huge scoop of iPod and iPhone-flavored goodness. For starters, a smaller, cheaper iPhone is apparently in the works that will compete directly against the official successor to the Motorola RAZR (most people just refer to it as the RAZR2).

The new Apple cell phone — it’s being referred to as the iPhone Nano, but it could very well take on a more conventional form factor like the RAZR’s clamshell or the RIZR’s slider — is rumored to hit shelves before Christmas, selling for an unsubsidized price of about $300. This places it much more within the reach of the average consumer, just as the shuffle and the nano did for the iPod line. In order to reach this price, Apple will likely ditch the multi-touch display and just go for a circular scroll wheel.

The other side of the coin shows a new iPod. That family of products is clearly due for some sort of update and it seems like the newest iPod will borrow features from the first-generation iPhone. It’s unlikely they’ll go multi-touch, but the new music player will probably get a bigger screen, more storage capacity, and “other valuable features which often come at lower prices.”