Limitations of the 5-Star Crash Test Rating

Limitations of the 5-Star Crash Test Rating


While we all know that receiving a one-star crash test rating is pretty darn abysmal, it’s not quite so clear what it takes to achieve a five-star rating. Contrary to popular belief, a 5-star crash rating doesn’t mean that you’re invincible and what’s more, the rating is based on a rather narrow set of circumstances.

The team at Airbag Solutions looked into the issue further and came back with several critical points for you to consider. For starters, these crash test ratings released by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) are solely based on results with adult-sized crash test dummies. The ratings do not reflect the safety of riders who are babies, children, or teens. Also, the ratings are for collisions at speeds no higher than 40mph and the weight differential between the two cars cannot be more than 250 lbs. Any more than that, and the scale doesn’t apply.

Yes, you would assume that a higher rating is probably better, but do take those stars with a grain of salt (if that makes any sense). The full report can be found here.