Buy Trinkets Everywhere with PayPal Mobile Checkout

Buy Trinkets Everywhere with PayPal Mobile Checkout


Up until now, you’ve been largely bound to your home computer when it came to online transactions, but with the introduction of PayPal Mobile Checkout, it’s easier than ever to empty out our bank account through your cell phone.

From the consumer’s point of view, you simply use your compatible mobile phone to hit up your chosen merchant’s website (assuming that they offer PayPal Mobile Checkout) and purchase your gear by simply clicking on the PayPal button, just as you would on your computer. The process is supposed to be quick, easy, straightforward, and intuitive.

“Millions of consumers have chosen PayPal because it offers a safer, easier way to pay online,” said PayPal Mobile senior director Kevin Dulsky. “As the mobile commerce market grows as an extension of ecommerce, it will be critical for online merchants to adopt a secure mobile payment platform to reach new consumers and to remain competitive in the market.”