Belkin N1 Vision: First Wireless Router with a Display

Belkin N1 Vision: First Wireless Router with a Display


It’s actually quite astounding that no one has done this before, because I’m sure we’ve all suffered through some rather miserable WiFi troubleshooting sessions. The Belkin N1 Vision wireless router boasts a built-in display that will show you mundane things like the date and time, but it also displays error messages that will guide you toward the best solution. Broken connection and can’t figure out what happened? Just check the display.

Going further, other screens can show you the current network status, download and upload speeds, guest passwords, who’s currently connected (great for booting out the leechers and hackers), and network usage. This this on-board display, you will no longer have to fumble your way through a messy software package, because it’s all right there in plain sight. And it certainly helps that the Belkin N1 Vision is quite the looker too.

Look for this svelte wireless router to hit shelves later this month with an asking price of $200.