TEAC MP-600: It’s like the iPhone Without the Phone

TEAC MP-600: It’s like the iPhone Without the Phone


Although the Apple iPhone has only officially been available for a couple of weeks, there has already been a considerable amount of clones flooding the marketplace. We’ve seen some cheap Made in China knockoffs, but the TEAC MP-600 personal media player puts a new spin on the whole iPhone-inspired designed game. The new spin is that it doesn’t have any sort of wireless radio built in whatsoever. In this way, it’s like taking the iPhone and taking out the phone part, so I guess you’re just left with, well, an iPod.

The MP-600, unfortunately, doesn’t offer much in terms of storage capacity with the top-of-the-line model boasting a mere 4GB of internal memory, though it can find some extra space via the SD/MMC expansion slot. There are two other models with 1GB and 2GB of storage.

In addition to its ability to play music (including DRM protected WMA), videos, and pictures, the TEAC MP-600 also has “a decent collection of equalizer settings”, an integrated speaker, FM radio, e-book reading, and a rudimentary version of Tetris. Battery life is rated at 10 hours of music or 5.5 hours of video.

Check the official product page for further details.