Deep Sea Diving With Dolphin Music Player

Deep Sea Diving With Dolphin Music Player


People enjoy swimming with the dolphins in exotic locales, but sometimes nature can be pretty boring. That’s when a waterproof MP3 player like this Dolphin can come to the rescue. Sure, it’s not the prettiest-looking thing nor does it come with all that much storage (either 1GB or 2GB), but how many other DAPs can you take with you as you go snorkeling with tropical fish?

Naturally, the tubular Dolphin features a firmly sealed design (water + electricity = bad idea) and it comes with a few sets of “water tight earplugs and various lengths of cable to be used along with the armband.” This appears to be a Japan-only product, so if you really want one, you’ll have to look into the importer route.

The 2GB model comes with a price of 19,800 Yen (US$160) and it’ll go on sale sometime this month.