The Only Way the iPhone Can Live Up to the Hype

The Only Way the iPhone Can Live Up to the Hype


It’s a marketing campaign that has been months, if not years in the making. Apple got all sorts of free press from the tech blogs on the ‘net, Mobile Magazine included, and what resulted was an inordinate level of hype. And there is only way it can live up to that hype. There is only way that it can fulfill our expectations as the Jesus Phone (as the guys at Gizmodo like to call it.

And that’s to do much more than just play music, surf the web, and give us directions to the nearest Starbucks. According to this comic, the iPhone will also need to provide a miraculous exit strategy from Iraq, the cure to end global warming, the provision of universal health care (looks like Michael Moore did his job in bringing this to the attention of the American people)…. and, oh yeah, a Paris Hilton news blocker.

Yeah, it’s not going to live up to the hype. I’m interested in an iPhone nano, however.