Open Beta Test for Trillian on Apple iPhone

Open Beta Test for Trillian on Apple iPhone


Are you still miffed at Apple for not including some sort of basic instant messenging capability in your iPhone? Want to be among the first to have a program that’ll do it all? Well, Cerulean Studios is currently seeking out beta testers for their new Trillian Astra iPhone application.

Trillian, and other services like it, have been a godsend for people who make use of multiple IM programs because it compacts it all into one tight, little package. With Trillian, you get instant access to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and IRC. Now, wouldn’t that be nice to have on your shiny new Apple iPhone?

Sign up to be a beta tester at the Cerulean Studios blog. Portable IM awaits you.