Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Receives Major Upgrade

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Receives Major Upgrade


The actual hardware is going to remain unchanged for the time being, but this latest firmware update provides the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with a whole whack of new goodies.

By far the most notable upgrade is the includes of Skype support, providing the device running Internet Tablet OS 2007 Edition with a little chattiness to go with its web surfing capabilities. You’ll also find Flash 9 browser support, love for 8GB memory cards, an integrated Rhapsody music player, and vastly improved touchscreen sensitivity. They say that this last bit will make you “able to work your way around the menu much easier than before.” Through a little tweaking, Nokia was also able to provide the N800 with better battery life.

If you thought the Nokia N800 was hot before, wait until you check out the upgraded version. That’s hot.