My Teddy Bear is an MP3 Player and So is My Salt...

My Teddy Bear is an MP3 Player and So is My Salt Shaker


Tired of having the same tired designs when it comes to MP3 players? Don’t you just wish that you could get your music player to take on a more unique look? Now you can, thanks to a nifty innovation from the team at Evergreen.

The DN-MP3DIY-256 has a very descriptive model name. The MP3 part is pretty self-explanatory (it also tackles Ogg Vorbis and WMA); the DIY is because it is essentially a do-it-yourself component; and I suspect that the 256 represents a miserly 256MB of internal memory. As for the DN, my best guess would be to say that this thing is pretty Darn Nano… as in, you know, it’s small.

Basically, the DN-MP3DIY-256 is a tiny MP3 playing unit that can be shoved into a variety of cube-shaped housings, providing electronics makers and creative artists alike with an opportunity to create some funky-looking music players. Get it at