Drop from NYSE is a Stroke of Brilliance

Drop from NYSE is a Stroke of Brilliance


It’s because of companies like this that the “Made in China” badge has such a bad name. I’m sure you remember the Brilliance BS6 sedan that we reported on last week. A design and manufacturing disaster, the Brilliance BS6 sedan received a deplorable one-star crash test rating. And now the company is dropping out of the New York Stock Exchange, presumably because of all the bad press it has been receiving these past couple of weeks.

More specifically, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, Inc. “has announced that it’s delisting its American Depositary Shares from teh New York Stock Exchange.” They say that this pull is “due to a decline in trading volume and an uptick in related administrative costs.” You now, like the admin costs involved with trying to put out an exploding PR inferno.

Regular shares will continue to be available through the Hong Kong stock market. If you plan on buying a BMW in China, you might want to think twice too, considering that Brilliance manufactures Bimmers for the Chinese market.