Helio Goes YouTube Crazy, Mobile Uploading Awaits You

Helio Goes YouTube Crazy, Mobile Uploading Awaits You


In case you didn’t know, Helio is not only alive and kicking, but they have just implemented one awesome feature. The MVNO has introduced “the ability to upload videos shot with Helio devices to a YouTube account with only two-clicks.” There’s no need to fumble through a messy interface or constantly log in and out of your YouTube account: just two clicks and that crazy stunt you pulled last night is live on the interweb.

Better still, if you’re a Helio All-In Member, this “two-click” YouTube service is absolutely free. By making use of their high-speed 3G network, the videos are uploaded “faster and easier” than ever before. No longer will you need to get back to your home PC before uploading a fresh vid.

What are the two clicks, you might ask? Well, first you got to get the initial setup going, mating your YouTube account with the Helio Album on your phone (oops, I’m not supposed to call it a phone, right?). After that, you click once to select your vid, and then click again to post. That’s it. And yes, you can still view YouTube vids on your Helio device too.