Clean Up Your Wirey Mess with Energy Saving Adapters

Clean Up Your Wirey Mess with Energy Saving Adapters


I dislike cables, but they’ve become a huge part of my life. My cell phone needs a charger. My laptop needs to be tethered to wall to get its power. My printer needs an AC adapter so that it can do its thing. There are a lot of cables to deal with, but Gilles Belley and his Energy Saving Adapters are designed to address this problem, as well as save you a few bucks on your electricity bill.

Still in the concept stage at this point, the Energy Saving Adapters seem to take on the same function as a surge-protecting power bar, except they can broken up into individual components. These slide together, managing all your cables in a clean and efficient way, sending a single wire into the wall. And the whole thing — dressed in Apple-like white — hangs off the side of your table.

What makes this product special, however, is its energy saving functionality. It detects if any connected electronics have entered an energy-reducing standby mode. If the device remains in standby mode for more than three minutes, without user intervention, the Energy Saving Adapter will automatically shut the device off. Standby uses up less power, but it uses power nonetheless.