Sonic Chair Provides 360 Degrees of iPod

Sonic Chair Provides 360 Degrees of iPod


Do you like to be surrounded by your music? Engulfed in those tunes to the point that you become one with the notes and words? Then, my friends, the Sonic Chair is for you.

As you can see from the picture, it’s spherically-inspired chair that looks like one of those pod speakers you can get for your computer. The kicker is that nearly the whole thing is a speaker and it will literally blow your ear drums out from every angle imaginable… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Designed by Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler, and Daniela Reuter, the Sonic Chair won a Red Dot 2007 award and it promises to “transport you to utopia.” Naturally, it’s compatible with just about any music player, including the Apple iPod.

To get in on this world of sound, however, your VISA bill is going to have to take a pretty major hit: $8000, iPod not included.