Mother of Pearl USB Drive is Extra Flashy

Mother of Pearl USB Drive is Extra Flashy


Call me ignorant, but for the longest time, I had no idea what mother of pearl even was. And now the material is being used in the construction of a USB flash drive. We’ve seen titanium, diamonds, and other exotic materials, so why not mother of pearl too.

I guess with everything going on at Computex a little while ago, it was easy to overlook a product like this. Well, you’re getting your time to shine now! The JetFlash V90 Pearl, created and marketed by Transcend, is a pretty normal thumb drive, except for the choice of materials that they went with. For a more “normal” offering, there’s also the V90 Classic that features a “fiberglass woven pattern.”

Oh, and if you happen to be as ignorant as me, here’s the Wikipedia entry on mother of pearl.