Mobile Phone Charger Breaks Wind, Doesn’t Stink

Mobile Phone Charger Breaks Wind, Doesn’t Stink


What do you get when you cross a rudimentary windmill with a cell phone? That question was apparently answered by Gotwind, a UK wind turbine specialist. Now, I could try to avoid any puns and jokes about flatulence and bodily functions, but I just couldn’t help myself, especially considering that the name of the bloody company is Gotwind.

The silent but deadly phone charger prototype can sit on top of a tent (or anywhere outside, really) and store up all that kinetic energy in a form that’s actually useful for you. After it gets all winded up, it can then shoot that power over to your cell phone, topping up its battery in about two hours.

They say that it is a convenient solution for people who enjoy the great outdoors — camping, fishing, lining up for iPhones, whatever — because its small and lightweight (150 grams). Better still, it’s 100% ecologically friendly, even if your phone isn’t.

More information on the Orange Wind Generator from Gotwind can be found on the company’s official site.