iPod Shuffle Gets Docked in Color-Coded Speaker Set

iPod Shuffle Gets Docked in Color-Coded Speaker Set


It’s only fitting that Apple’s smallest music player has the option of being docked in one of the world’s smallest speaker sets. The CG-IPSPDC02 from Corega Japan looks like what happens if you stuck a boombox in the dryer. It’s tiny (about the size of three shuffles), it’s got a pair of anemic 0.5 watt speakers, and it completely lacks its own display, much like the iPod shuffle it has sitting in its dock.

Part of what makes the CG-IPSPDC02 cool is not its name — that could use some serious work — but it’s the fact that the color options match those of the iPod shuffle to a tee. Got the lime green Apple? Corega has you covered. Tangerine orange? Yup, got that too.

In addition to, ahem, blasting out those tunes, the Corega dock can also connect to your computer via the USB cable and transfer files accordingly. Measuring 100x22x40mm and weighing 50 grams, the Corega CG-IPSPDC02 goes on sale in Japan later this month with an asking price of 3675 Yen (US$30).