Video: Levi’s Mobile Phone Gets Commercialized

Video: Levi’s Mobile Phone Gets Commercialized


Levi’s is reminding young folks that they’re hip and with it, as demonstrated by this official commercial for the upcoming Levi’s mobile phone. Sure, a lot of its thunder is probably stolen by a certain Cupertino-produced cell phone, but the Levi’s mobile phone shouldn’t be ignored right?

Sure, the company is probably better known for their denim and that unmistakable red tag, but they want to be trendy like all the cool kids and have a phone too. If Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada can do it, why can’t Levi’s. At least this ad starts to reveal some of the basic features like Bluetooth, a video player, and stainless steel construction.

Look for the Levi’s mobile phone to launch this September “in selected stores throughout Europe.” It’ll be available in silver, black, and brown copper, in addition to the femininely-geared “shiny silver” and “shiny sand” editions.