Video: Automatic Rubik’s Cube Solver by Lego NXT

Video: Automatic Rubik’s Cube Solver by Lego NXT


The beauty of the Lego NXT system is that it can create just about anything that your imagination desires, even if you want to make a robot that automatic solves the Rubik’s Cube puzzle for you.

There are several components to this gadget, including a motor that actuates a prismatic joint, which in turn pushes the side of the cube. You’ll also find another to rotate the cube’s support, and a third to help the pusher arm to accomodate the cube (and to hold it while the bottom is rotated). The “light sensor” is a basic webcam. And finally, the last component appears to be a notebook computer running a homebrewed program.

Now, you’ve got to wonder: if you can put together such a complex robot, why can’t you solve the stupid Rubik’s Cube yourself?