Thanko MP3 Watch Integrates FM Transmitter

Thanko MP3 Watch Integrates FM Transmitter


Thank you, Thanko, for pushing the technological envelope once again. The appropriately named FMP3 watch combines an FM transmitter with a built-in MP3 player, making you the king of all musically-oriented geeks. You see what they did with the name there? The double use of the single M? Pretty clever…

But wait, there’s more. Not only does it blast out tunes and beam them over the FM airwaves (restricted to just two frequencies, interestingly enough), it also has a voice recorder and an in-line recorder. Sure, it’s a little bulky and a little clunky, but did I mention that it tells time too? Awesomeness defined!

Look for the Thanko FMP3 watch to sell in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB flavors for $106.67, $140, and $165, respectively. More info here.