Motorola Zante: The Next T-Mobile Sidekick

Motorola Zante: The Next T-Mobile Sidekick


Looks like Sharp and T-Mobile are parting ways, because the next Sidekick-like device in the works is the Motorola Zante. And here it is in all of its naked glory, complete with a rather substantial feature list and spec sheet.

While in its closed position, the Motorola Zante (also known as the Motorola Q900) looks a bit like an extra shiny RAZR or MOTORAZR MAXX. When you slide it open, however, you’ll discover a huge QWERTY keyboard that’ll be perfect for text message junkies. It also looks a lot more like a Sidekick when it’s open than when it’s closed.

Underneath the extra shiny shell, you’ll also discover full multimedia playback support, Java, game controllers, 128MB of internal flash memory, miniSD expansion (why not microSD?), EDGE connectivity, a 1.3MP camera, EL backlighting, Bluetooth, and the familiar Danger operating system.

The current guess-timate is for the Motorola Zante to hit T-Mobile kiosks this October with an asking price of $269.