LG to Design Phone Specifically for YouTube

LG to Design Phone Specifically for YouTube


LG has fallen head over heels in love with Google and they’re ready to take their relationship to the next level. The Korean electronics maker is reportedly working on a new YouTube-loving mobile phone in partnership with the search engine giant.

With this proposed cell phone — which has yet to receive a name, a model, or even a form factor — users will be able to not only view YouTube videos, but they will also be able to use it to upload and share the clips found within. No need to use a computer as the middle-man.

LG has already created a series of “Google phones” that come preloaded with all sorts of online Google apps, like one click access to Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. This latest development is just a continuation of this relationship. The plan is to unveil the new handset in the second half of this year.