Walking Through the iPhone’s Other Features (Video)

Walking Through the iPhone’s Other Features (Video)


When you head on over to the official Apple iPhone webpage, you get treated to all sorts of videos, but what about the features that aren’t depicted on that site. Well, we’ve got them here.

The team at Phone Scoop has put together a very comprehensive review of the iPod/cell phone hybrid, and as part of this review, they’ve put together a video that walks us through some of the lesser-mentioned features of the iPhone. It’s a little on the long side at 10 minutes, but it’s worth your time.

One major feature that Apple hasn’t talked too much about is the built-in 2MP camera. That’s because it’s far from being the most impressive thing out there. There’s no ability to adjust resolution, white balance, or any of those other things you’ve come to expect. The photo gallery appears to be well implemented, however, with some rather nifty animations. Other applications described include weather, alarm, and mobile YouTube. Enjoy!