The Ultimate Apple iPhone Meta Review

The Ultimate Apple iPhone Meta Review


There is a lot of Apple iPhone news, reviews, and videos floating around on the web. Here is a nice compilation that lets you get all those opinions in one convenient location. The Cliff Notes version will tell you that overall, people are very pleased with the physical design and the general functionality of the iPhone.

NYT likes how the phone is sleek and thin, making Treos and Blackberrys look obese. The glass screen gets smudgy, but it doesn’t scratch easily.

InformationWeek is glad that the iPhone comes fully charged out of the box, so you don’t need to suffer through some horrible delayed gratification. Just open up and enjoy.

Newsweek appreciates the “excellent implementation of state-of-the-art features”, and they are particularly pleased with Visual Voicemail.

CNET found that the touch screen and software interface are easier to use than expected. No stylus. No problem.

PCMag says that the iPhone Internet experience is loads of fun, but they’re not pleased with lack of support for things like Java and Flash.

The Setattle Times dislikes the browser, dislikes the interface, and whole it’s the full web, “you’re still looking at them on a screen that’s a bit smaller than a business card.”

USA Today says that the Wi-Fi is the iPhone’s saving grace, because the EDGE network leaves much to be desired.

Wall Street Journal enjoys the large virtual keys found on the on-screen QWERTY. The error correction system, however, “didn’t seem as clever as the one on the BlackBerry… There’s also no way to cut, copy, or paste text.”

PCWorld thinks the camera sucks, because it “lacks any adjustments and has no zoom.”

Gothamist is quick to point out that while the iPhone is Apple’s first foray into the cell phone market, it is hardly a first generation product. This is because it is “a culmination of 12 generations of iPods in various forms.”