The iPhone EDGE Connection is Painfully Slow

The iPhone EDGE Connection is Painfully Slow


Or at least that’s what this video seems to demonstrate as Brian Lam tries to get the iPhone to load the New York Times homepage. Compared to the commercial that has been getting a lot of airtime on the TV airwaves, the real life iPhone is falling far, far behind.

This was the major sacrifice that Cingular/AT&T made by not including some sort of 3G connection for the iPhone. EDGE is, as you know, considerably slower than any 3G connection, even with some upgrades. There have also been complaints of EDGE being down all together, forcing you to go GPRS.

Loading the NYT homepage is considerably faster on a WiFi connection, but you can’t always be bogged down to a hotspot. After all, Apple promises that you can carry the Internet in your pocket… they just didn’t tell us that it’s pretty darn slow. Check the link below for a video demo.