Play Video Games on Your iPhone

Play Video Games on Your iPhone


The Apple iPhone comes with a lot of cool stuff, but one thing that is noticeably missing from the feature set is a mobile game. Just about every cell phone hitting the market these days comes with some sort of Java-based video game, whether it be Snake, Bejeweled, or a trial version of Urban Asphalt. But not the iPhone. It’s got nothing in that department.

If you’re itching to get your video game fix on the iPhone, you can finally scratch that itch because a handful of websites have come to your rescue. None of them, as far as I can tell, actually install any games on the iPhone, but they grant you access to some basic web-based titles via the Safari web browser. Unfortunately, because the iPhone’s Safari does not support Flash or full Java, you’re stuck with some really basic Javascript-based games.

Check them out at iGiki, fun4iPhone, and MacMost. Naturally, these games can also be played on any Internet-connected computer (or Pocket PC).