India to Get Unlocked iPhones via the Gray Market

India to Get Unlocked iPhones via the Gray Market


If you’re poking around the city of Mumbai, you may be able to enjoy the Apple iPhone sooner than the official launch in the area next year. It seems that the gray market has completely opened up shop, providing celebrities and other well-to-do folks with unlocked Apple cell phones, but it’ll cost them a premium, of course.

I’ve seen unlocked iPhones already showing up at online stores in Canada and the United States, so I don’t see why they can’t do the exact same thing and ship the glossy musical handsets across the pond. Naturally, users in India may not get the full functionality of the iPhone, because many of the features may be AT&T specific, like visual voicemail.

Gray market dealers are offering to SIM unlock the iPhone for as little as Rs 1,000 (US$25), but that’s assuming that you can get your hands on an iPhone in the first place. Alternatively, they are also selling pre-unlocked units for Rs 30,000 (US$700). That’s for the 4-gigger.