Belkin Goes iPhone Crazy with Three New Cases

Belkin Goes iPhone Crazy with Three New Cases


And so the flood of iPhone accessories continues. Belkin jumped all over the iPod market, so it should come as little surprise that the company is approaching the iPhone with just as much fervor. Here are three new iPhone cases, each of which is particularly well suited for different circumstances.

Starting from the left, we have the $30 Acrylic Case. With the integrated kickstand, the iPhone becomes a portable entertainment device so that you can share videos with loved ones. The kickstand also doubles as a belt clip, in case you feel like carrying some Apple goodness on your hip.

In the middle is the rather generic-looking Slim-Fit Case. Also priced at $30, it is constructed of leather with “a padded exterior that offers more comfort than usual.” Nothing too inspiring here, but it’s also the most understated case of the trio.

Last but not least is the Sports Armband on the right. Like the above two cases, this too comes with a $30 price tag. As you can probably gather, it’s meant to be used for sports or other active, er, activities. The entire touchscreen is fully accessible while in this case.