iPhone Comes With Really Crappy Ringtones

iPhone Comes With Really Crappy Ringtones


And what’s more, there currently isn’t any support whatsoever for you to use your own custom ringtones nor is there the ability for you to buy new ones either. What this means is that you are, for the time being, stuck with the 20 or so craptacular ringtones that Steve Jobs included in the iPhone.

Brian Lam of Gizmodo recently posted up a video that goes through each of these included ringtones and for the most part, they are either annoying, strange, or just plain bothersome. The other thing that I noticed is that most of these ringtones — whether they’re musical or animal sounds — are far too short. A ringtone should be at least 15 seconds long if it’s going to be musical, shouldn’t it?

Chances are that you won’t be getting any custom AAC/MP3 ringtone support without some help from the homebrew community. What we do hear is that Apple may start selling “premium” ringtones for iTunes 7.3 some time soon.