Apple iPhone Dismantled For All to See

Apple iPhone Dismantled For All to See


Oh, the price some people pay for knowledge. Countless Apple fanboys lined up outside AT&T stores on Friday, many of which were there days in advance. They couldn’t wait until they could get their hands all over Steve Jobs’ initial foray into the cell phone market. One of the guys at Think Secret, however, had a totally different objective in mind.

Instead of unraveling the iPhone so that he could relish in its beauty and enjoy the slick multi-touch display, this guy decided to rip the sucker apart so that he could get a good look at the innards. Luckily for us, a huge smattering of photographs were taken every step of the way.

Be careful, the full gallery of pictures can get a little graphic, what with circuits, batteries, and microchips flailing every which way.