Sony Streams Hi-Fi Music Wirelessly With VAIO WA1

Sony Streams Hi-Fi Music Wirelessly With VAIO WA1


It’s summer and we all know what that means. It’s time to leave our computers behind and actually head outside. Just because you’re in the backyard, however, doesn’t mean you need to ditch that massive music collection you have sitting on your PC. With the Sony VAIO WA1 Wi-Fi boombox, you can wirelessly stream music from that hard drive and share it with the squirrels and pigeons hanging out in your yard.

In addition to accessing your computer’s Barbara Streisand collection, the VAIO WA1 can also work with Internet radio. This is in addition to its compatibility with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and SonicStage. Senior Product Manager Hiro Ishikawa says that this system “offers a tech-savvy, stylish way to listen to your digital music collection, while ensuring you don’t compromise on the sound quality.”

No word on an exact launch date, but we hear that Sony will start selling the VAIO WA1 “soon” for about $350.