Millipod: Tripod Fits on Camera Bottom

Millipod: Tripod Fits on Camera Bottom


That’s one tiny, tidy tripod. It has a tiny name, too.

It’s the Millipod, and it is designed to live right on the bottom of your camera, unfolding at your whim and making your job of shooting stills a lot easier with a lot less hassle than would normally be possible.

The Millipod is lightweight and form-fitting, so you won’t hardly notice it’s there when you’re toting your slim DSLR in your pocket or handbag. It isn’t exactly plastic, either, so it’s designed to stay in one place when extended until you’re ready to fold it up and go on to the next shot.

That’s about all we know about this product at the moment. The release notice is so recent that we have neither pricing nor availability info. The product seems so small yet functional, though, that we can’t imagine it costing a fortune.