iPhone Owners to Enjoy a Speedier EDGE Connection

iPhone Owners to Enjoy a Speedier EDGE Connection


Just in time for the launch of the Apple iPhone a little later today, AT&T has announced that they are giving their EDGE network a significant boost in performance. They still haven’t done anything in regards to plunking some 3G love in the Steve Jobs’ greatest creation, but a boosted 2G EDGE connection is better than a “normal” EDGE connection, right?

With this upgrade in place, the iPhone should run faster, particularly with any data-intensive features like mapping, web surfing, and multimedia downloads. In terms of actual numbers, some users “are seeing speeds as high as 200kbps.” EDGE is typically nowhere near that kind of territory.

It’s unclear, however, whether this boost is nationwide or only in selected metropolitan areas. If you grab an iPhone later today, try it out and tell us what you experienced.