Giving Bluetooth a 30 Kilometre Range

Giving Bluetooth a 30 Kilometre Range


Bluetooth has served me well, letting me converse with my friends without having to make use of my hands. It’s great. It’s not the fastest solution when it comes to transferring files, but hey, it’s wireless! One of Bluetooth’s greatest shortcomings, no pun intended, is that it typically comes with a rather short range. This new antenna is about to change all of that.

The AIRcable Host XR Bluetoth USB Adapter boasts a formidable range of 30km, which works out to about 19 miles. That’s pretty friggin far. That said, you need a “professional installation” to achieve that kind of range. Without it, you get a range of 2km via the 9dBi omni-directional antenna and 10km from the 18dBi directional antenna.

The Bluetooth 2.0-compatible dongle will hook up to any computer with a USB port, and that includes Macs and Linux-based computers. Price has been set at $129.